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Simulation Of Solaredge Inverters And Power Optimizers In Pv*sol Premium



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The SolarEdge system includes module-level DC-DC power optimizers and string inverters.

Edit: new version available, from PV*SOL premium 2018 and newer:

In the meanwhile we fully overhauled the design and simulation of PV plants with power optimizers, both module integrated (like Maxim) and external (like SolarEdge or Tigo). It is available in PV*SOL premium 2018.

Here's our tutorial video on polystring and power optimizer configurations:




For older versions:

PV*SOL does not perform system design for SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers. Please use the SolarEdge Site Designer for string sizing, inverter and power optimizer selection.

When entering a SolarEdge design into PV*SOL, choose the power optimizer module recommended by the SolarEdge Site Designer, and verify the quantity. SolarEdge inverters are not selected in PV*SOL, however their efficiency is take into account when the energy estimate is calculated.

For a detailed description please see the following PDF.

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Update for new program version
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