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  1. Dear Martin, sorry for the late replay and thank you for your answeres. It helps a lot
  2. Dear Martin, Thanks for your quick reply. I would like to test a lot of configuration to know which version generate the most energy. For me the yearly yeald is the most important and the first question is two MPP tracker how much more energy can generate than only one tracker? What is your advice? I should make simulation only in wintertime (when there is shadow effect ) to see the difference?
  3. Hi, I started to planed an open field power-plant. There is some shadowing effect because of the low distance between the rows. I wanted to compare two possible solution with direction of stings layout (3 separate horizontal sting and 3 string in vertical direction). I attached the vertical project’s file. I deployed a wall (it is the cause of shadow) and 3x23 mounted pv panels. I thought horizontal direction should have produced more energy then vertical because the shadow effect only one-third (1 string) of total area, not 3 string. But the result was unbelievable because vertical proj
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