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    Performance Ratio

    Hi, The performance ratio is defined as "a measurement of the energy losses that occur within the system in comparison with the system's optimal operating conditions. The actual solar energy produced is measured against the nominal output. The nominal output is calculated from the irradiance onto the tilted PV surface multiplied by the efficiency of the module under standard test conditions (25 °C, 1000 W/m²). The Performance Ratio is calculated: PR= (PV Array Energy (AC) - Stand-by Consumption)/(Max. possible PV Array Energy )" This probably should be verified by dividing the Grid Feed-in (or PV energy (AC)...) value by Rated PV Energy. I see some 5-6% more value than PV Generator Power (AC grid) value in the overview window doing this comparison, and I can't see the "yield reduction due to shading" value in the energy balance flow. Please make comments on what I may be missing. Thanks.
  2. In the inverter selection window I combine two or more different roof areas in the tree. Mark both by using the Control (Ctrl) key and the left mouse button as recommended. Afterwards the icon "Configure selected module Areas together" is activated. I do click the icon and both areas will be merged. When selecting a suitable inverter, there I can select only one inverter, no number of inverters offered, no copying, incresing no. of inverters, adding inverters offered. So I cannot complete the configuration. How can we fix this problem?
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