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  1. Hello, I have developed my first design using 3D Design feature and so I am really not acquainted with this features on the report. I did some tests and no matter what the spacing between rows I apply I always get the same "Yield reduction due to shading", in this case 16.3%, this parameter is calculated based on what? My initial row spacing calculation was 1.64 m and effectively it had some partial shading on the pannels, shade frequency about 2.7%, I have now increased the distance up to 4 meters, there is no shading on the pannels and I still get the same results. I need to justify to the customer how this Yield reduction due to shading is calculated... I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards
  2. In our office we have currently been required some simulations to be compared with others from PVSyst. One of the topics requried is P50 and P90 probability distribution values which are available on PVSyst. Is there a feature on PVSol 7.5, which I am not aware of, that allows me to get these values? How to proceed?
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