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  1. Can you please answer my questions? We are trying to find out, how the program calculates the values by using battery storage system. We think with using BASS you save only on self-stored energy and direct consumption from PV. Also all the time energy from the grid, used for charging battery is 0. Thank you again. AG
  2. Hi, I have severall questions in connection with your calculations for PV systems + battery storage systems for own consumption + sell to the grid: How IRR of Capital Resources is calculated (please specify formula which PVSol is using)? How Electricity Production Costs are calculated (please specify formula which PVSol is using)? Battery Charge (Grid) (in Simulation Results, Battery System section) – Can you set up PVSol in such a way that it charges battery over the specific time (eg. in the night)? If yes -> how? If not -> what this parameter shows? Serv
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