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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Frederik. Now I understand and will try to set up the system. I have another question regarding battery storage. Since I am still learining how the battery work in connection with PV and grid, I have a question if there is possibility to set up the charging option from grid for battery storage. Meaning chargin during the night @lower tariff and discharge during the day for consumption? If yes, can you add timinig of charging? Thank you for the answer. R.Bajra
  2. Dear Mr. Frederik, Thanks for your answer. Maybe I wrote a bit complex (due to the naming of energy terms) and will try to write one more time based on my test case. I also specify the fixed distribution cost + variable, since this is how is in the reality. Electricity price: 70,28 EUR/MWh (net price) Distribution costs FIXED: 462,42 EUR/month (net) VARIABLE: 20,09 EUR/MWh (net) --> (including capacity fee and reactive power fee) Offered DNO price for surpluse energy in my case is: 52,75 EUR/MWh. I want to simulate PV plant + battery storage system with
  3. Dear all, I am currently learning and testing you program for a university purposes and I came to a question regarding the tarrif set up. I will try to describe my problem: I draw the PV plant + added the yearly 1h measurements as a load profile + added the storage system. The load profile is quity constant during the night and day. The PV plant should be used, partly for self-consumption (high efficiency hidrolysis) and the overproduced production should be storeg in battery storage or sold to the grid - when battery is full. From this reason I have to define the tariffs e
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