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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I have a problem, that I cannot add more than 20 batteries. I try with a different battery system also but still the same problem. I have my PVSOL simulation file. Kindly find the attachment. I will wait for your response and shall be very thankful to you. PV_System_With_Battery_System.pvprj
  2. Yes, this solved my problem. Thanks for your support and really appreciable work. PVSOL generates correct files, but the problem was a mismatch between the list separator in PVSOL and in my system settings.
  3. Here, I have also attached the converted CSV file. Kindly find the attachment.
  4. I have done all of this before. I know how to convert the CSV data. But still the excel file is giving the wrong values. Can you check by yourself, I have attached the files.
  5. PV electric generation in pdf report is correct because I confirmed it by doing manual calculations. But the values in the excel file are not correct. Please guide me regarding this.
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