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  1. Julius

    License transfer

    So I did not understand you, My question was if I can switch my license without software maintenance? Because I still cant register my license on the new computer.
  2. Julius

    License transfer

    Thanks, I will wait for your answer
  3. Julius

    License transfer

    Hello, I want to ask if I can switch my license from my old computer without having a Software maintenance? Because I deactivated my license on my old computer and tried to activate on the new computer, and there was error because of expired Software maintenance on my license. I attached and photo. So my question is do I need to buy new software maintenance for switching my license to another computer?
  4. Okey, thank you, its good to know that is not the PVSol bug.
  5. Hello, I want to ask how to fix this problem with importing model from sketchup, because when I import model, there are some bugs, like imports not full surface
  6. Hello, I want to ask what does means numbers on the modules after configuration? ex. - or
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