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  1. Hello Kindly advise what is the maximum on grid solar capacity that I can simulate using: 1. 3D option 2. non 3D option Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello. Based on the simulation report only PV generator Surface area is shown and does not show the overall area covered by solar including the clearances between array. kindy advise how to determine this?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to design a PV with ESS to supply a constant load however it says no permissible configuration is possible. could you please assist to complete the simulation? Also, attached the simulation file. 5MWp goonwindi.pvprj
  4. Paul

    PV SOL 3D import

    Good day, I am using PVSOL premium 2019 (R13), is their a possibility that I could import a 3d model to the simulation? if yes, how can it be done and what are the acceptable file formats? thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
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