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  1. Hi everyone Can anyone assist with the above problem? thanks a lot. regards
  2. Hi Thanks for your prompt reply. I guessed that could be the issue so I had turn off the boiler by deselecting all the months so the operating times is zero days. But still as I increase the tank volume from 300 to 800 liters the tank average temperature remains constant. How can this be possible? I greatly appreciate your reply. Kind regards
  3. Hi Guys can any one assist me with the aforementioned problem? thanks a lot
  4. I have downloaded the trial version of TSOl and have run a very simple case called A1.DWH system and accepted all the default values for all components. The default value of tank volume is 300 liter and its type is 'Dual coil indirect hot water tank'. When I run the simulation and monitor the results the average tank temperature is 39 degC. Since I want to investigate the effect of tank volume, as I increase the the tank volume to 800 liter and re-run the simulation, the average tank temperature remains at 39 degC. How this is possible? the larger the tank volume the higher the amount of consumption water and the more heat is required to keep its temperature at the constant value of 39degC. As I have kept the number of solar collectors constant, how is this possible? Any comments is highly appreciated. Kind regards Kiyarash
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