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  1. Hi Marcel, Thanks a lot for you answer, it makes sense. Was surprised about the efficiency of the optimizer though, Tigo says on their website that the maximum efficiency of their optimizer are 99,5 %? I suppose that the efficiency of the optimizers depends on the whole system configuration but is it normally around 98 %? Max
  2. Hey, I encountered some things I didn't understand in the energy balance section of the PVSOL report, see attached figure. In the figure I have pasted the energy balance from two almost identical simulations. The only difference between the two is that the one to the right has power optimizers from tigo and the one to the left has no power optimizers. Why does the module-specific partial shading differ between the two (underscored in green in the figure) ? Another question the popped up is about the Power Optimizer (DC conversion/down-regulation). Is that due to losses in the power optimizer, meaning that it has an efficiency of 2 %? Thanks! Max
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