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  1. Sander

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    - would like to see an undo button as discribed above. (or at least be able to lock a complex building and their surroundings, so one misclick doens't destroy your work) - need more options for EV. (e.g. distance travelled per week day, range according new WLTP system) - while the software perfectly suits my technical needs, it seems lackluster/old as a client proposal. - could we have a blanc page in the customer presentation where we can add project or installer specific additional information. - some presentation pages need additional (customizable) information. (while a graph or scheme or just some numbers wth a title above will be very clear for us, a customer most of the time doens't know what he is looking at) - file size of the presentation should be smaller, but pictures should still be high res. - would like to be able to send an electronic presentation to a customer with some analytics possibilities. (where do customers actualy look at?) - easier construction of "complex" buildings. (depth of building schould be addapted to the angle and dimensions of the roof area being used for the array)
  2. Agreed Martin, but thats just the AC loss for one inverter, with the included 25m cable lenght. (Your formula should however use the double lenght if i'm correct.) In this case we have 8 parallel microinverters. The biggest problem however is that we already have loss on the AC coupling cable between the inverters we will have to take into account, when sizing the AC kabel. (I noticed I should use 0m lenght for the DC kabel, following the instructions in PV*Sol which i will do next time)
  3. Sander

    Huawei optimizers

    Thanks for the quick respons Martin!
  4. Hi, Included you will find my test project. Sander Enphase test.pvprj
  5. Sander

    Huawei optimizers

    Hi, Is it possible to include the Huawei smart PV optimizers into the next update? Should they work the same as the Solaredge optimizers? Can I therefore include them myself? Thanks! SUN2000P.pdf
  6. Hi, I'm currently looking into a simulation with microinverters. Not having used them before I was interested in calculating the cable losses. I expected high losses on the AC side. (from counter(meter) to microinverters) With cable lenghts easily exceeding the 25+ meter mark, the losses are extremely low. The DC losses however seem to be too high. Am I missing something or are the calculations switched? * using the cable tab to caculate the losses in detail Best regards, Sander
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