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  1. I reinstalled the program but still having the same problem. Also noticed that no mater what option a select on the 3D design edit menu, I get the same errors. Every time this happens, I have to kill PVSOL via the task manager :-((
  2. Hi Martin, I've setup my sample project (location, climate, etc...) and then clicked on 3D design Edit Map Selection. When I click on the map, the project location is displayed correctly (sat picture) and the scale is updated (10.04). So far so good... When I hit the start button the error messages start coming up.
  3. Using PVSOL Premium 2018 in test mode. I keep getting the error message "Fehler beim Zeichnen des Objekts" and "Fehler beim Zeichnen des Prims" while my installation is in English. So I am not able to create a 3D visualization as these error messages block the program.
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