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  1. Hello Martin, ok understood. It is very clear now. Thanks
  2. Hello Martin, Thanks for the explanation, I think it is a bit clearer However there is still something I am confused about, is the tracker rotates from east to west , and the axis is north south, shouldnt the axis be parallel to the land (ie no inclination)?
  3. Dear Martin, Thank you for you for your reply. However it is still not clear to me the difference between the 2 inputs. When I set Rotational Axis Incline to 90 (horizontal plane) the result gives a minimum output during summer and maximum output in winter , which is still confusing because horizontal plane means ~0 tilt angle to south and that should maximize the summer. Please if you have a video or drawing that could explain this better I would really appreciate it Regards,
  4. Hello, Can you please explain the difference between the rotational axis incline and rotational angle opening?
  5. Hello, I want to add a JINKO340PP panel that is not included in the database. What are the steps to create a new panel file for simulation? Thanks Maha
  6. Dear All, I have a roof with a room built on it and I have filled the roof in the 3D model with panels on both the roof and the room on the roof. However, when trying to configure the whole roof on a single inverter each area must be configured on a separate MPPT . Is there any way to avoid that ? Please see attached screenshots from 3D design :
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