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  1. Hi I have this setup and would like to configur both roofs with the same inverter how is that done?
  2. THANK YOU , Martin Have a nice weekend Mads
  3. Thank you - where can i download pv*sol 2019 premium? Kind Regards Mads
  4. Hi there How do i define a profile where 60% consumption is in weekdays and the rest 40 % is in weekends? thanks Mads
  5. mads

    Tilt Ground

    Hi How can i Tilt the ground before i put a ground system on it? Best Mads
  6. mads

    Dimensioning Plan

    Hallo Is there a way to make a dimensioning plan with some custom made distances? best Mads
  7. Hi valentin How come that the amount in the electricity savings in the cashflow table do not increased when the electricity cost trend is set to 1%. Should the amount not get 1% higher each year? best Mads
  8. Hi Is there a way to see the data behinde the standart profile in pv-sol? eg. How is the consumption distributed over a week in the profile; "2 adults and 2 children." best Mads
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