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  1. Good afternoon. We would like to know why oldest modules databases had Fluiteknik modules and the newest database doesn't have any module of this company. We know that this modules are no longer produced nor the factory exists, however until last year we could select this modules to run any simulation. Adittionally, all created modules were erased from the database, with the new release. Kind Regards, Diogo Carrilho.
  2. Hello Martin. Thank you in advance for your fast response. In my data collection, I also have values of diffuse radiation, and I would like to upload them to the .dat file. The variables that I can input in this file are just those ones (Ta, Gh, FF, RH) or can I work with more? Kind regards, Diogo Carrilho.
  3. Good afternoon. I am currently trying to import hourly climate data into MeteoSyn, in order to use it in a PV*SOL Premium 2017 project. Can you please tell me what those numbers after the coordinates mean, in the .dat file? For Skjetlein (see last post of this thread), they were 512,-1,-30. Thank you so much.
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