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  1. Hello, The issue appears when the project file is loaded from a shortcut. For example if I load the project file via the windows menu or via recent projects in PV*SOL. If I open the project directly from within the folder where the folder with the 3D-model (.obj and .mtl) is located, the materials are loaded correctly. Best regards, Martin
  2. Hi, Have you had any time to look into the issue? Best regards Martin
  3. Hi, I loaded a .obj 3d-object with a corresponding .mtl file and it worked fine. But now when I open the project file again in PV*SOL Premium 2018 the materials are not loaded. I have already placed all the solar panels and would prefer not to reload the model. All the files are in the same folder. Is there anyway to solve this issue? Best regards, Martin
  4. Hi Martin, thank you for your response! I would much appreciate it if you could send me the database file that contains the synthesized minute values as I'm in the planing phase of a project that is to be presented next week. Best regards, Martin
  5. Hello, I have added my own hourly measurement data (attached below) which is working fine but when I try to run a simulation with synthesized minute values i get the following error: "Simulation has been canceled. Minute values could not be created. Choose a different location or simulate with hourly values. Error message: MinuteSplitter: Input data and Clear Sky data are not in sync." Any idea what could be wrong? Regards, Martin Malmo_1980-2010_SolDataSMHI.dat
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