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  1. Good Day, I want to create individual appliances in order to create my load profile but the appliances I want to add are not in the list. I see there is an option to import a vbi file but how do you create one? I want to add a fan and a laptop with a wattage of 91W and 60W, how can I do this? Thanks Regards Damon
  2. No, but there is technology that can maximise PV output and minimise the diesel genset load according to the time of day, climatic conditions and demands.
  3. Apologies, referring to percentage of instantaneous load.
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks, it does answer the battery part of the equation but traditional PV Diesel generator systems only really allow the PV system to provide up to 20% of energy capacity. The SMA fuel saver controller increases this capacity to 60% though. I suppose you can't cater for the SMA fuel saver controller though? Regards Damon
  5. Hi, I'm looking to design a purely off grid hybrid PV / Generator system but without batteries and include the SMA fuel saver controller as an energy management system. Can this be done in PVSol? Thanks Regards Damon
  6. I managed to add a new entry in for the Tesla Solar Roof tile, when modelling the system I just had to divide the total surface area by the number of tiles to get the quantity of tiles required. As was expected though the numbers don't look that great considering the low efficiency and the cost but appears to look accurate.
  7. Sure, will give it a try and let you know the results.
  8. Hi Martin, Great, thanks I will give that a try. So little has been published to date but it's worth a try, other forums are saying the output is roughly 100W per a square meter. Regards Damon
  9. Is it not possible to create the Tesla Solar Roof tile in PVsol. At the minimum we have the watts per a square meter from researching but the challenge is not much has been published on the solar roof tile. Trying to figure out how once can model it on PVsol. Thanks Regards Damon
  10. Trying to figure out if there is a hack for this in PVsol, anyone have any ideas? Also I can't imagine the efficiency being that great either. Will obviously have to be based on assumptions but I managed to find out the watts per a square meter on another forum. Thanks Damon
  11. Good Day, Is there anyway one can model the Tesla Solar Roof tile in PVsol? I don't see the option for it under PV modules unless one can manually add it but details on the Tesla Solar Roof tile are limited. Thanks Regards Damon
  12. Thanks Martin, I got it! Regards Damon
  13. Good Day, I'm pretty new to using PVsol and as such trying to work out to add a Tesla Powerwall system, I need to add multiple Tesla Powerwall batteries though in order to get my desired kWh storage capacity but can't figure out how to add the required number of battery inverters as looks like there is only one battery inverter unless I'm doing something wrong? I also get the error message that the maximum charging capacity is insufficient but I am assuming this is due to the fact I don't have enough battery inverters. Thanks Regards Damon
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