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  1. Hello, I'm into a similar problem. I have global radiation and temperature for a spesific location, Skjetlein (Norway) from a database (AgroMetBase) : http://lmt.bioforsk.no/agrometbase/getweatherdata.php The data is available as: text with space bewteen collumns, text with semicolon, HTML, CSV, Excel and text with tab space. How can I use this data in PVSOL? In PVSOL 2016 I can see *.xlm , *.dat and *.wbv . How can I convert my data? Ta is temperature? Gh is radiation? What is FF and RH ? Thanks for any help. Skjetlein CSV.csv Skjetlein excel.csv Skjetlein semicolon.txt Skjetlein spaced.txt Skjetlein tab key.txt
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