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  1. Dear, I inform you that the problem is solved. The support technician solved it, it seems to me that it was something related to the serial number that was given to the system failure.
  2. Martin, Unable to start the software, I have uninstalled and installed several times and with no results. The program says that it is registered but does not start the software, I will attach some images, I am from Brazil so the language will be in Portuguese, already tried to install in English but the software always installs like the first time it was in Portuguese. I need help, I need to use this software to simulate some arrangements for my college work that was the reason I bought the license but I can not use it and the time is passing.
  3. Dear Sirs I used the PVsol premium R9 2017 for a few days in the demo version, I liked the software and bought the premium license for student. When I received the code serial, I did the whole procedure and registered the software without any failure, the problem is when I will use the software,When the PVSOL is opened a message appears that the time has expired and I can not open the program, I bought and the serial code arrived Today by email, it is impossible that it is already expired. I need your help. Thank you
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