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  1. Hi, Martin, I can't send anything in private message so I am sending it here. Please, delete the project file once you download it. Thank you for everything. Best regards, Ivan
  2. Hi, Martin, I have done the simulation as a system with electrical consumption, but still can't see those diagrams. The type of system I am using is "Grid connected PV System with Electrical Appliances" and after everything is simulated, I can't see those graphs. Any idea why? Best regards, Ivan
  3. Hi, all, we are just evaluating PVSol software and I don't know if it was removed from the newest version or I can't find it anymore, but in previous version there were few very nice diagrams that seems to have disapperaed. The diagrams that I am looking for are: - Use of PV energy - Coverage of consumption Is there a way to get these diagrams back? Thank you all for answers. Best regards, Ivan
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