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  1. Rogério


    Martin, Bingo!!!! That´s the answer I was looking for. Thanks for your assistance! Regards, Rogério.
  2. Rogério


    Martin, Sorry, consider TIR = IRR funcion in Excel. TIR is portuguese version. Ragards, Rogério.
  3. Rogério


    Martin, Thanks for your prompt response. You correctly explained how the TIR (Tax Internal Rate of Return) works. For sure this is one of the most popular indexes to analyze a discounted cash flow. However, If we export PVSOL cash flow to na Excel, for example, and calculate the Tax Internal Rate of Return using function =TIR, you will figure out that the number you get is completely different from ROA in PVSOL. Have you ever reproduced in an Excel the ROA outcome you get in PVSOL? I simply cannot calculate it in Excel and thus cannot explain it to my customers. Thanks again for your time. Regards, Rogério.
  4. Rogério


    Hi folks! Does anybody know how PVSOL calculates the return on assets (ROA)? I would be grateful if anybody could advise. Regards, Rogério.
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