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  1. thanks that was helpful could you please explain why would the yield increase with increasing the row distance, provided that the tracking system is equipped with backtracking function?
  2. Now I need your help to determine the correct Surface usage factor, as it has a much significance on the yield, even a small increase can decrease the yield big time as for details we have 72 cells panels with 2 meter height single module in portrait orientation and the row distance is 4 meter What would be the SUF?
  3. If I understand this correctly this is the tilt angle, or the angle inclined between the ground and the rotation axis, and I believe this would mean that if the angle is 0 that the rotation angle is horizontal not vertical
  4. the modules is single portrait module and the row distance is 4 meters, that is almost twice the max. height to the panel, the tracking system has a backtracking function. so would the SUF=0.5 be correct? and what about the rotation axis incline?
  5. the tracking system to be used in North-South rotation axis tracking, the modules would start tracking the sun from East to West, with a rotation angle between +/- 52
  6. I need help on how to simulate a single axis tracking system with a rotation angle +/- 52° what would be the right parameters to simulate such system Rotation axis incline: ? Rotation angle of Opening: ? Surface Usage Factor: ? Also if the land has a natural tilt angle towards South, how can this be taking into consideration in the simulation ?
  7. I have 2017 version, is it different than 2018? I can't find Record characteristic curves for MPP tracker modules tick box
  8. In the simulation results, can someone please explain the physical meaning of the module specific partial shading and is there a way to present a graph that would show the shading losses during one day (best 21st of December) ?
  9. Hi All, I am running a simulation with PVsol and it is required to calculate the performance ratio for the system to compare between different systems, in the result screen I got a PR equal to 79.6% Although in the energy balance I got a rated PV energy= 139,303 kWh And AC output minus standby = 114,960 kWh when manually divide both I got a PR= 82.5% IS this formula correct? and how the program calculate the PR in the result screen? and how can that be justified by the numbers in the energy balance sheet? see attached pictures for illustration
  10. Are the yield reports generated using PVsol recognized by top lenders like EBRD or IFC? are the reports bankable?
  11. I need to choose a site for a project that is not listed so I create a new climate data for the site I have now the question is if I have the coordinates of the site how can I use them to select exactly where I want to have the project
  12. but at the time where the temperature is low -during the day- the radiation is also low around 200-400 only so can I calculate Voc at 6°C and 400 radiation? would that be correct?
  13. I have installed the PVsol program on my desktop in the office, now for reasons of mobility I need to install it to a laptop can I do so? and what is the procedure I should follow to transfer the license from the desktop to the laptop?
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