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  1. we are trying to size a battery system to an existing PV system. we have put in a load profile and PV system. It has given is a recommendation HTW of 89.5kWh. what does HTW mean
  2. Martin I also have 2017 on a different computer, I haven't realised i had different software on different computers. it is on the 2017 version sorry my mistake. Rob
  3. Martin thanks for the diagram I have Premium 7.0 release 5 regards Rob
  4. Martin A diagram would help me understand We have upgraded to Premium 7 and the tracking option has disappeared as an option. is it still a there and hiding? I have been looking at east-west tracking, so north south axis of rotation. with the modules flat (not tilted to the south). several frame companies are claiming 20% yield improvement. with PVwatts i get the improvement but with PVsol and PVsyst I don't. Thanks Rob
  5. what does surface usage factor refer to thanks Rob
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