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    Input file

    Where can I ask these questions? If you could provide me with a link, I would appreciate it. Regards
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    Input file

    Hi, I'm doing my thesis in geology about modeling temperature and alteration mineral assemblage using geothermal fluid chemical data of a geothermal system. I have data about concentrations of aqueous and gaseous species, pH, and stwf - cfact estimation, among other things. I'm using the synthetic water reaction at 250 °C of test problems V2.1 examples as a template. I'm not sure about the convenience of using this input file like this. In the other hand, when applying the "GeoT2.1-PC64.exe" executable, the windows terminal tells me the next: Start reading inputs.... Execution aborted - stop Press any key to end..... I'm need some help. I'm consider myself a beginner in using this software. Regards, Franco Galarce A.
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