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  1. Hi,

    Is there any way that I can get the string number to match the red line below? When I choose different sorting options, it seems like it is not possible? Could I choose them manually for example? Thanks in advance! :)


  2. Hello,

    I want to use the horizon in PVGIS (see image), as there is no method of getting that in PVSOL...?


    I was wondering if there was any way to convert .csv or .json -files to .hor that is used in PVSOL?

    Thank you in advance, your help is much appreciated


  3. Hi again Frederik,

    Hope you are still here :D

    In a way, what we did last time, works. The only problem is that when you install these panels to the roof, they are installed laying on top of eachother (see image). This is taken from the software tool of the sunstyle-manufactor.

    That means that the area is no longer 870x870, but a little less. I have tried to work out some solutions, but none that has worked so far.

    I understand I am asking a lot here, but do you have any suggestions? :) 


    Have a nice day!



  4. Hi,

    I have a question regarding imported models in PVsol (see image). Because it is drawn with the correct elevation over the sea, it is floating in the air in the pvsol software. 


    In my opinion, this should not affect the simulation, if anything it will make it even more correct. What is your opinion?




  5. Hi,


    Thanks a lot for the answer in advance, it is much appreciated.

    I was wondering about the financial analysis;

    I have added in the program that the elecricity price is 1kr/kWh:



    In my head the "Total Payment from Utility" and PV Generator Energy (AC-grid) should be the same. What is the reason for the difference? 


  6. Hi Frederik,


    Thank you very much for the reply, I will try to do as suggested. I think this will work well enough, compared to the energy simulation.


    As regards to getting a cool look on the project, I was wondering if you could tell me how it is possible to turn the modules 45 degrees? Then I will maybe try with a black roof background, and we will see how it goes.


    Thank you very much for a good forum, with quick and thorough answers.


    Alle the best!


  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if it is possible to enter solar roof tiles in to the software. I have tried to create my own panel by changing the width and lenght, but as you can see in the picture I also need to shift the whole panels 45 degrees. Is there any way this can be done? 


    The image is of sunstyle, which is the roof tile that I want to use. 


    All help or tips is appreciated!

    Solar Roof SUNSTYLE® | SUNSTYLE™ solar roof – fully integrated solar roof |  Photovoltaic roof shingle

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