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Behavior of PR in simulations

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Hello, I did some simulations on the PV*SOL for a scenario with enough objects to cause shadowing. However, for a 30 kWp system, the PR was better for the city with more clouds and lower temperature, while the Annual Yield was higher for city with higher temperature.

City higher temperature (1846kWh/m2) - PR 68% - YR 1,170.00 kWh / kWp
City lower temperature (1467kWh/m2) - PR 72% - YR 1,074.00 kWh / kWp

What may explain the behavior of PR, I think it should be higher for city with higher temperature. As happened to a lower power system.


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Hi João,

could you provide us with the project files so that we can analyse the comparison? Without seeing the PV system and the meteo data it is impossible to tell where the difference in PR and yield comes from.

Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards,


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