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SMA inverter SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 not in liberary

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Hi :)

I would like to include relatively larger inverters form SMA in my simulation as im planning a system with 1,3 MW approx. Unfortunately the the largest inverter from SMA that is availbale now in PVSOL liberary is the SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1. SMA has larger inverters in the market such as SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 and SUNNY TRIPOWER 75.

Is there a specific reason why those products are not included in the liberary?


Thanks :)

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Hi M.Khalifa,

the inverters (and all other products) are entered into our database by the manufacturers. From time to time we will deploy and database update so that new products become available in PV*SOL. In this case, SMA has not yet entered the Tripower 60 and 75 yet. In such cases, please contact our database team at database@valentin-software.com, so that they can ask SMA to enter their new products. But for now I will forward your request to them.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Dear M.Khalifa,

I have never heared of a SMA Tripower 75 inverter. There is also no information to it on the SMA website or else. Do you mean the Highpower 75 inverter?

Both, the STP 60 and the SHP 75 are allready included in the database of the latest program versions (see screenshot).

Best regards



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