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Doubt about the Neuhardeberg power plant example

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Hello, I was simulating the example of the Neuhardeberg power plant. However, I saw that it has 145 MW (https://blogthinkbig.com/solar-photovoltaic-power), so the simulation is only part of the plant? For PV*SOL has 82042 modules.

I found it strange that this site (https://blogthinkbig.com/solar-photovoltaic-power) says: "With an output capacity of 145 MW, this plant can produce approximately 19,690,000 kWh of renewable electricity per year." I think the information seems to be incorrect.

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Hi João,

you are absolutely right, we only designed a part of the Neuhardenberg project for the PV*SOL example project. And I guess you are also right about the estimation of the annual energy yield :). 19,690,000 kWh per year would be a bit poor, I reckon they forgot a 0 there.

Kind regards,


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