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PV*Sol - Irradiation and atmospheric Database sources

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Hi PV*Sol Team.

We need your help to clarify about meteo, irradiation and atmospheric data bases compatibility of PV*SOL:


Is PV*SOL able of importing database files like TMY2/3 Formats (NREL)?

What about importing data from SolarGIS or NASA?

Are Databases included in PV*Sol Premium?

Are there detailed LatinAmerican Data included in PV*Sol Premium?





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Dear Javier,

the meteo database that is integrated in PV*SOL is from MeteoNorm (http://www.meteonorm.com/) via MeteoSyn (or own climate data handler). The climate data and the interpolation algorithms come from them, and they mostly rely on GEBA and WMO data (http://www.meteonorm.com/images/uploads/downloads/flyer_meteonorm_7.pdf). As you can see they have included 95 ground stations for Latin America and cover the rest with satellite data. In our software you can also interpolate your own climate data for any location on the world, using the sophisticated interpolation algorithm from MeteoNorm (via our tool MeteoSyn).

In PV*Sol you can further import your own data. The supported formats are xlm, dat and wbv. Xlm files are specific to the German Meteorological Service and Wbv is our own format, so they won't help you. But the *.dat format is basically a text file format that you can easily compose yourself from any data source like TMY2, TMY3, NSRDB, EPW, SolarGIS or anything you can think of.

You can find more information on how to compose these files here in this thread:

Hope that helps!


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