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Module degradation default

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I'm a bit new with the software and I tried to find the answer of this question before writing this message, without success.

Here's the thing, I would like to put a default value for the module degradation. I always put the same value (90% after 20yrs) which I think is consistent with the field behaviour. Is there any possibility to put a default value for this?

Thank you for  your help and you really did a great job for the software!

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Hi Kamal,

thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately it is not possible to have standard values for the module degradation other than 100%. What you could do is to define kind of a template project where you set your module degradation to 90% and then preload it every time you start a new project.

Kind regards,


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Hi Martin, thanks a lot for the answer, I appreciate it.

Your recommendation of creating a template is not feasable for me because the number, type and areas are changing from a project to another. Hence I will  have to compute this 90% degradation afterwards anyway.

But now it's clear,

Best regards


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