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SolarEdge Inverters

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As I understand it, it is not incorporated at the moment to work with SolarEdge inverters that does not have a built in MPPT but instead optimizers on every or every other panel.

The Inverter I am looking at for the moment is the SolarEdge SE25K, and as I just said this only converts the DC to AC and the tracking and optimizing is handled by optimezers on (in most cases) every other panel.

Anything that is coming to the software soon?



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Hi Daniel,

edit: Please see the next post for updated information

thanks for your question. You are right, at the moment we handle the MPPT functionality and the DC/AC conversion at the same time, i.e. the SolarEdge devices are represented as normal, if small, PV inverters in our simulations. Energetically the results won't be that different in the end compared to using separate devices for MPPT and DC/AC, but yes, in the circuits and plans (and in the details of the energy balance), these systems are simplified right now.

For the next major version we are working on implementing a totally new approach for power electronics and polymorphic strings, where we will cover this topic as well. Then you will be able to connect each module to a power optimizer (or two modules to one power optimizer) and connect these to a common inverter.

The major version is scheduled for autumn this year.

Kind regards,


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Update for new program version
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just a short update: In the meanwhile we fully overhauled the design and simulation of PV plants with power optimizers, both module integrated (like Maxim) and external (like SolarEdge or Tigo). It is available in PV*SOL premium 2018.



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