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Maximum Feed-In Power Clipping

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Dear Team:

                  I need to limit the feed-in power at the conection point and I don´t sure if the Máximum feed-in Power Clipping is the tool for that.

For example, if I have a 100 kW PV plant for use in own consumption and I have a feed-in limit of 25 kW, then would I have to put the Máximum Feed-in Power Clipping in 25% of PV Power at the feed in point?


Thanks a lot.





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Hi Boris


Yes, that is exactly the right option to choose. The Maximum Power Clipping percentage always refers to the installed PV power on the DC side. So if you have 100kWp installed and need to limit your feed-in into the grid to 25kW (on the AC side), you set it to 25%.


Whether you clip the power after the inverter or at the feed-in point only really matters if you have loads/batteries/e-vehicles in your system. Energetically of course the best option is to limit the feed-in power at the feed-in point, but not all inverters are capable of doing so.


Kind regards,


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HI, I put 31,86 kW on DC side and 71%, because i havent to exceed 22,5 kW on AC side. I get cca 48000 kWh per year. That is in PVSOL Premium. On SMA tool I put 22,5 kW limitation and I get 43000 kwh per year. When I calculate on PVSOL online I get 44132 kwh. On PVSOL online i can't limit.

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