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Is It Also Possible To Use My Own Climate Data?



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If your climate data is available in hourly format (i.e. 8760 values each for temperature, global radiation, wind and relative humidity) you can read these into our programs by saving the data as an ASCII file, separating the data with a TAB and using the extension *.dat.


The first lines (the file header) should look like this:


1st line: Name of location




2nd line: latitude, longitude, altitude, time relative to Greenwich,-30 should be included at the end. 




The decimals for latitude and longitude must be specified in minutes, eg Vienna 48.1866 ° => input 48.11. When entering longitude and time negative signs must be used for locations of eastern longitudes. Positive latitudes corresponds to the northern hemisphere.


3rd line: empty line


4th line: should be as shown; separated by a TAB




The following lines of data come next:


5th to 8764th lines: external temperature – global radiation onto the horizontal/m² - wind speed - relative humidity; separated by a TAB.


-5.0 0 1.8 75.5

-5.4 0 1.5 78.0




Please note that missing data has to be filled up with "0".

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