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I am using the PVSol Trial for 30 days and when I use the location: country Spain, region "A Coruña" it is missing. I dont know if it is only in the trial version or also in the regular version. I would like to clarify if this incidence is also in the regular version to make decision of buying this or not. By the way, I just counted the number of Provinces in Spain and in the software are included 37 and in Spain exits 50. If you want to contact me for a call my number is: 0034 640366765. I can speak a little bit german in case you prefer to use this language to comunicate and also to find a colaboration. 

Best regards,

Lucía Varela

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Hi Lucía Varela,

the climate data in PV*SOL is limited to certain locations for which there are measured values over a longer period (speaking of years). Those years are stitched together forming a Typical Mean Year considering climate situations which are typical so to speak.

For locations which are not in the database, our tool MeteoSyn can be used to create an interpolation between nearest locations where there are measured values in the database. This gives a good enough estimation in most cases.

If you want to create a new location, you can follow the instructions in our online help: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/pages/system-type-climate-and-grid/meteosyn/#create-new-location

This is a complex topic, so if you have further questions, we are happy to answer!

Best regards,

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