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    Hey there, It follows the order Inveter.MPPT.String.Module Hope that answers your question. Cheers!!
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    For us, a fixed (or at least globally adjustable) colour scale for the shade frequency analysis would be very useful. So that e.g. 5% of shading has always the same colour for every roof in every project. As it is right now, 5% or even 10% of module shading might appear as a vibrant green, just because a part of the roof (maybe even with no modules) might be shaded very strongly. Not ideal at all. This, along with an option to export these pictures with one press of a button would be very useful to our workflow. As of right now we have to screengrab each and every roof. Edit: exmple picture added.
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    Hi JoelB, would it be possible for you to send us the project file? That would make it a lot easier for us to identify the problem. You can send it to me via private message here in the forum. Thanks and kind regards, Martin
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