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    The first point mentioned by Jon is an issue since back in 2013. And also the lack of the 3-D-Rotation is definitely not state of the art anymore. Especially for a program with a 4-digit-price. The software maybe was good in the 2000's, but today, 10 - 20 years later? Compare the value-for-money-ratio with AutoCAD or MatLab - PVSol's price is way too high for what is offered. The only good thing is the incredible database - but for somebody like me, travelling a lot and therefore often having problems connecting into the internet, the new policy with only online-database is now getting a pain in my furthest backward part. Overall I believe they are on a quite good way of loosing pace if they don't get into refurbishing their software and marketing policy. My only hope are people like you and me - explaining their needs and hopefully be understood as constructive critcizers.But to be honest... If the way they handled my requests on phone reflects their attitude, I have considerable doubts about helpful progressive changes.
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