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  1. Hi, When I have an AutoCAD drawing of a building or area as seen from above (top view), I usually import it via the "Coverable object - Map section" under the 3D Design tab. The problem then is to create buildings which have the exact length, width and orientation as those shown in the drawing. What I normally do is to "Sketch a 3D Polygon" which coincides with the drawing as much as possible and then stretch the sides until they are as close to the real dimensions as possible. However, if for example the building's length is 25 m, often I will end up with either 24,976 or 25,012 m but never exactly 25. I know this sounds picky, but sometimes the customer will ask for drawings detailing the module layout and it doesn't look good when the drawings show incorrect dimensions. Is there any way to input the exact dimensions manually? When I try to Edit a building after extruding it, funny results ensue: Thanks and regards, Ricardo
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